Marketing and Consumption

Understanding the role of marketing and consumption in a changing world

Drawing on insights from across the social sciences and working with a diverse range of stakeholders, our research and teaching explores digital transformations as well as responsible marketing and consumption.

Marketing is a core business function and a key interface where supply meets demand or where organisations meet their stakeholders and publics.  Marketing is also a vibrant academic field that is key to understanding and shaping a rapidly changing world. Our group is particularly interested in consumer research (retail, B2C and P2P marketing, consumer behaviour, consumer culture) and the interdisciplinary (Psychology, Sociology, Design, Cultural Studies) study of consumption. Our research, teaching and engagement priorities are organised around topics that relate to digital marketing and consumption as well as the nexus of marketing, consumption and society. These include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technological innovation and user behaviour 
  • Purposeful marketing 
  • Socio-digital futures
  • LGBTQ+ consumers
  • Consumer policy 
  • Retail  
  • Social marketing 
  • Sustainability 
  • Material and digital culture

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