Visiting undergraduate students

If you wish to come to the Faculty as a visiting Undergraduate student, you must be registered as an Undergraduate student at another university.

Definition of a Visiting Student

  • The student must currently be registered as an Undergraduate student at an Higher Education institution elsewhere and will normally be visiting Bristol to carry out research or to undertake an undergraduate project (not for credit).
  • The student will not be seeking credit and will not undergo formal assessment. No credit can be awarded, and these students are not returned to external agencies including HESA and HEFCE.
  • A student who is not studying for credit and is not administered by the International Office, i.e. is not on a recognised exchange or study abroad arrangement.


If you wish to apply to come to the Faculty of Life Sciences as a visiting student, you must first secure the agreement of a member of academic staff to act as your supervisor for the duration of your visit. Please see our research pages to find members of staff whose research area matches your interests. You should contact them directly, using the contact details given.

Once you have secured the agreement of a potential supervisor, and have agreed dates for your visit with them, please complete a Visiting undergraduate student application form (Office document, 125kB) and return it to the Faculty Office . You must include a current degree transcript of qualifications, a letter of support from the home institution and in the case of students outside of the UK or a non-English speaking country evidence of English Language proficiency.

Please note that we will require up to 4 weeks to process a complete application. Applicants are therefore advised to complete their application form as early as possible to ensure enough time to process the application, secure the relevant supervisory approvals and make the necessary pre-arrival arrangements.

Please note that you are responsible for all costs associated with your visit, including accommodation, subsistence, travel and leisure costs. We do not currently offer any bursaries or other financial support for visiting research students.

  • If possible, we recommend that visiting research students bring a laptop computer with them.
  • Once your application has been processed you will be issued a formal offer of study letter which will confirm your supervisor(s), visiting student duration and fees liable. You will be asked to formally respond to this offer of study letter.

Please note, applicants whose first language is not English are also required to demonstrate that they meet the English language requirements for the programme. The supervisor must have interviewed the student and confirmed that their level of English is acceptable.

Applicants who are non-EEA citizens will require a visa to undertake their visit. A Student Visitor Visa may be used for visits less than six months of duration. Please note that a student visitor visa cannot be extended in the UK.

Visiting students wishing to come for a period of more than six months will need to acquire a Tier 4 visa. The Faculty Office will issue a CAS for this category of student, but the student must be attending for the purposes of study only and should not be undertaking work whilst in the UK.

Further visa information and advice can be found at:


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