Work Experience Placement Weeks 2021

  • The Faculty of Life Sciences understands the importance of students being able to develop their skills in the work place as well as learning more about different university subject areas at the same time.   

    We are aware that the current situation means that we are still unsure whether any physical work experience (WEX) will be able to take place in 2021.  We are therefore planning for work experience based around a virtual offering as well as a physical one to ensure that something is offered to year 10 and 12 students this year irrespective of lockdown restrictions. 

    All work experience weeks will take place from the 28th June to the 2nd July 2021 

    The current WEX offering from the Faculty of Life Sciences is: 

    Year Gp 




    Places available 


    Physical (but convert to biochemistry virtual if required) 


    Venturer Trust and BS/BS postcode aspiring state schools 



    Virtual (definitely going ahead)

    All Life Sciences courses and general HE sessions 

    Any UK aspiring state schools 



    Physical (but convert to Life Science virtual if required) 

    Biological Sciences  

    (join the Life Science students if virtual)

    Venturer Trust and BS/BS postcode aspiring state schools 



    If a physical week is possible then these will be lab based experiences undertaking scientific experiments involving data collection, analysis and presentation as well as general university information sessions. 

    The physical Yr10 week will be led by a Biochemistry academic and involve looking at the molecular structure of human cells and performing a variety of biochemical techniques and microscope work.  It will remain biochemistry focuses even if virtual.   

    The physical Yr12 week is based in the Biological Sciences dept and will involve nematode fieldwork and research.  It will join the Life Science programme if it goes virtual.  

    The virtual programme is a more blended Life Sciences offering and therefore incorporate sessions from biochemistry, biological sciences, cellular medicine, psychology, physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience.  It is designed for students who are either too far to travel into Bristol everyday or who would like a broader overview of different Life Science courses and will incorporate all the different elements of scientific work and methodology but in a virtual environment.

    Please use the correct form below to submit your application for a place on either the year 10 or year 12 Work Experience Weeks.  


    Year 10 Work Experience Week application form 

    Places are allocated based on widening participation characteristics so please use the form to tell us about yourself and why you would like to attend.   The deadline for application is the 14th May 2021 but we will inform you as soon as possible as to whether we have been able to offer you a place.  Any student who is given a place on the physical week will be automatically swapped to the virtual week if they are not able to go ahead.   This decision will be communicated at the end of May.

    Regardless of whether it is virtual or physical, the work experience week aims to allow all students to build their self-confidence, immerse themselves in a scientific environment and gain a better understanding of what science courses, careers and what essential work skills are needed for them. 

    It will increase their awareness of different job sectors and subject areas and opportunities leading to increased aspirations towards science careers that they might not have considered.  The sessions will all be interactive and be a mix of theory and practical elements delivered in an engaging way.  The students will gain a deeper understanding of some of the scientific techniques and equipment that different subject use and get to see scientists undertaking lab based experiments.   

    WEX also gives then the opportunity to network with other yr 12 students, current UG & PG students as well as professional academics and gain an understanding of what essential employability skills are.  The week hopefully helps them builds their self-confidence and independent learning allow you to show an employer you have the right attitude to work and that you are flexible, enthusiastic and willing to learn.

    Through a mixture of a week long project work, subject specific science sessions, scientific methodology and networking opportunities and they will develop key skills such as:

    1. Communication (Listening, talking and presenting)
    2. Networking and professional interactions
    3. Problem Solving and thinking creatively
    4. Research and critical analysis
    5. Data collection and interpretation
    6. Digital literacy
    7. Leadership
    8. Teamwork
    9. Independent learning and using their own initiative

    10. Higher Education readiness

    Many thanks, 

    Life Sciences Widening Participation Team 

    Please contact: with any questions 

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