Inspire Roadshows - on the road

These virtual or physical sessions are available free to all state schools but priority will be given to schools with high numbers of BAME, Pupil Premium students or aspiring state schools.

KS5 Roadshows

These 45-60min subject specific workshops are designed by PGR students and map across their unique research projects with relevant topic on the A-Level and BTEC science curriculums.  They introduce theory, encourage participation, test learning and stress the relevance science learning to real life jobs.  To request a session to be delivered live to your class, please complete this Science for Life KS5 booking form.  Some of the session available are:

  • Biological Sciences -  'Using Small Changes to Solve Big Problems' - Plant gene editing and the role of carbon dots
  • Microbiology - 'Stopping the spread of Superbugs' - Understanding how bacteria become untreatable and the new scientific techniques being used to fight evolution
  • Neuroscience - 'To remember or Not to Remember, that is the Question' - How the study of information flow at neuronal synaptic helps us understand memory function
  • Pharmacology - 'The low down on Illegal Highs' -  Investigating the effect of new drug compounds on the human brain
  • Psychology - Scientific methodology and how social scientists measure complex concepts

KS4 Roadshows

Roadshows for these year groups are exciting, interactive, subject specific sessions that take place virtually or in the school classroom and last 45-60 minutes.   They are designed for students to help them the options available to them based on their subject choices.  They are curriculum led and bring together a small amount of theory with a large amount of hands on activities. 

Please use this Yr10/11 Roadshow booking form to see available sessions and request a visit

Available sessions include:

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