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Behind the Science of Bioprinting

Lab technician in bioimaging

Working with bioink samples

Dr Adam Perriman during interview

Dr Adam Perriman during the interview

19 January 2018

3D Bioprinting is still relatively new, but what does the future hold?

Dr Adam Perriman is a Reader in Biomaterials at the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, in the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. Dr Perriman is also the director of the faculty’s new Centre for Bioprinting and Biofabrication.

In a recent interview with Research Features Magazine, Dr Perriman talks about the process of three-dimension bioprinting and how this will impact on medical science in the future.   

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Research Features

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School of Cellular and Molecular Medicene

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3D Bioprinting Using a Templated Porous Bioink.

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