Full report

Salisbury C, O'Cathain A, Thomas C, Edwards L, Montgomery AA, Hollinghurst S, et al. An evidence-based approach to the use of telehealth in long-term health conditions: development of an intervention and evaluation through pragmatic randomised controlled trials in patients with depression or raised cardiovascular risk. Programme Grants Appl Res. 2017;5(1)

Evidence Synthesis (Activity 1)

Pope et al - For want of evidence: a meta-review of home-based telehealth for the mgt of long-term conditions (PDF, 292kB)

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Qualitative study (Activity 2)

Segar J, Rogers A, Salisbury C, Thomas C. Roles and identities in transition: boundaries of work and inter-professional relationships at the interface between telehealth and primary care. Health Soc Care Community. 2013;21(6):606-13.

Survey Study (Activity 3)

Edwards L, Thomas C, Gregory A, Yardley L, O'Cathain A, Montgomery AA, et al. Are people with chronic diseases interested in using telehealth? A cross-sectional postal survey. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2014;16(5):e123.

Developing the intervention (Activity 4)

Salisbury C, Thomas C, O'Cathain A, Rogers A, Pope C, Yardley L, et al. TElehealth in CHronic disease: mixed-methods study to develop the TECH conceptual model for intervention design and evaluation. BMJ Open. 2015;5(2):e006448.

Randomised controlled trials (Activity 5)

Thomas CL, Man M-S, O'Cathain A, Hollinghurst S, Large S, Edwards L, et al. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a telehealth intervention to support the management of long-term conditions: study protocol for two linked randomized controlled trials. Trials. 2014;15(1):36.

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Padraig Dixon, Sandra Hollinghurst, Louisa Edwards, Clare Thomas, Alexis Foster, Ben Davies, Daisy Gaunt, Alan A. Montgomery,Chris Salisbury. Cost-effectiveness of telehealth for patients with depression: evidence from the Healthlines randomised controlled trial. British Journal of Psychiatry Open Aug 2016, 2 (4) 262-69.  

Padraig Dixon, Sandra Hollinghurst, Louisa Edwards, Clare Thomas, Daisy Gaunt, Alexis Foster, Shirley Large, Alan A Montgomery, Chris Salisbury. Cost-effectiveness of telehealth for patients with raised cardiovascular disease risk: evidence from the Healthlines randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open 2016;6:8 e012352 

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