Open Access Software

Now that the research has ended we are able to make the software we developed freely available to developers who wish to use the content.

Please note that we are not able to provide any further support for this software, nor to answer technical queries about it. The software is made freely available ‘as is’, so that other organisations can make use of our work and develop it further, for patient benefit. 

The Healthlines software is available from

This open access repository includes all the code relating to the following areas:-

  1. Patient portal where patient can view previous interactions and add additional information.
  3. A facility to support self-management of blood pressure, providing patients with graphical feedback about whether their blood pressure is within target limits.
  5. Call handler management system (including call handling protocols for each patient session, patient management)
  7. Administration tools (including importing patients, creating call handler scripts/flow)
  9. GP messaging solution (including ability to send details of patient interactions through to patients GPs by email.

Content for the Healthlines Depression intervention

Please note that the open access call handler protocols include ‘scripts’ which were designed to support use of ‘Living Life to the Full’ materials which are licensed from Five Areas Limited. More information on the full range of Living Life to the Full materials can be found here.

Content for the Healthlines CVD risk intervention

All code relating to call handling protocols for the CVD risk intervention are not part of this repository, as the intervention was largely based on material used under licence from Duke University, USA. For further information about the content of the CVD software, please contact Prof Hayden Bosworth at Duke University at