Our partnership with The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan

Our academic and research collaboration aims to develop mutually beneficial, creative and productive scholarly activities in data science.

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan's national research institute for statistics and data science

People involved

Professor Kenji Fukumizu, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan

Dr Song Liu, Lecturer, University of Bristol

Professor Kate Robson Brown, University of Bristol

The vision

There are plans for many joint activities in the coming years, including opportunities for exchanges between the two institutions for joint research and educational activities, and to build a data science network.

The collaboration will include mathematical theory and methods for big data, computational statistics and simulation methods, as well as statistical machine learning.


See our YouTube Channel for the Bristol Data science Seminar Series we ran in 2022.

About the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) is a national research institute that conducts studies relating to theory and applications of statistics and data science. Bringing together many and various researchers engaged in ‘data-centric science’, including the fields of engineering involving massive data, statistical science, computer science, machine learning and data mining, it serves as a unique base of research in Japan. 

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