Short term programme scholarships

The University of Bristol offers two scholarship schemes to encourage current students to undertake a short term international activity:

The Global Opportunities Scholarship - for overseas experiences related to a student's academic development or University of Bristol degree programme.
The Knowlson Trust Travel Award - for overseas travel experiences unrelated to a student's University of Bristol degree.

Application deadline: 31 March 2018

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Global Opportunities Scholarship

The Global Opportunities Scholarships are made up of 80 scholarships of up to £500 each to University of Bristol students undertaking short term international activities, either independently or through a University programme.

Knowlson Trust Travel Award

The Knowlson Trust Travel Awards are scholarships of up to £500 available to University of Bristol current undergraduates for ‘life-changing’ travel unrelated to a student’s academic learning. This award is made from a bequest from John McKerrow Knowlson who was a mechanical and electrical engineer in Bristol.

The overseas experience should broaden the general knowledge and outlook of the applicant. The Knowlson Trust Award Committee prefers to encourage much wider non-academic interests and favours travel which is for the wider benefit of society (such as voluntary work) or travel involving physical challenge, rather than holiday travel to exotic places. Applications are also welcomed from those who have previously had limited opportunity for travel. Each year up to 15 Knowslon Trust Travel Awards will be made and typical amounts are as follows:

  • Europe: £100-£200
  • Middle East and Central America: £200-£250
  • Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America: £250-£300

Awards of £500 will be available for outstanding applications.
For more information about the Knowlson award, please contact the Student Funding Office: 

Summer and short-term programmes

If an international placement during term is not right for you, there are still plenty of overseas options.

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