Destination Engineer summer school

Research, design, build and test in our engineering labs and workshops.

This programme is now closed for 2022 applications.

Programme dates Sunday 24 July to Saturday 6 August 2022
Programme fee £2,995
What's included
Benefits For all students, regardless of fee status, the work experience gained through the Destination Engineer Summer School will be recognised in future undergraduate degree applications by the University of Bristol.

About this programme

Engineers create an enormous range of life-enhancing and valuable products, from silicon chips to aeroplanes to skyscrapers. Based in our laboratories and workshops, you will work in small teams with our staff to research, design, build and test a variety of objects. The emphasis will be on creativity and hands-on practical skills. You will present your work to a panel of experts who will assess it and give you feedback.

Entry requirements

You must meet all of the below requirements to be eligible for this summer school.

Application deadline 22 June 2022
Study level Pre-undergraduate: currently in high school or 16–18 further education
Subject requirements

You must be studying high school (level 3) mathematics and physics.

You must also be interested in studying a degree in any branch of engineering.

Academic requirements You must be a strong student maintaining a good academic record.
English language requirements

If English is not your first language, you need to meet (or be due to meet by the time you apply to University) our English language Profile E.

You can view the tests and levels we accept by visting our Profile E language requirements page and selecting the 'English Language Proficiency Tests' tab. If you took the CET-4 or CET-6 tests, email to find out what scores we will accept. 

Age 16 or over at the time of the summer school
This summer school is for high school students who are not yet studying at university level.

This programme is designed for international students, but we also welcome applications from the UK.

Contact us

You can email or phone us if you have any questions about the course or your eligibility.

Life in Bristol

We provide accommodation, meals, transfers and a programme of exciting social activities. Find out more about what your time in Bristol will be like.

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