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Lyrik im Lockdown and Tee mit Thema

Undaunted by the closure of the University buildings, the German Department kept up its programme of staff-student events in the Summer Term.

 Tee mit Thema, our established series of talks about the department’s activities beyond our degree programmes, went online on 6 May with Anna Havinga’s talk: ‘Intraindividual variation in 19th-century Austria: What can we learn from a maid’s private letters?’ This followed a session on ‘Behind the curtain: why we teach what we teach’, and a talk from Steffan Davies on ‘Exile(d) collections and collected exiles: Why research lost books?’ earlier in the year.

 We also met for ‘Lyrik im Lockdown’ on 30 April, a ‘bring your own poem’ hour in which we read favourite poems, and poetry that speaks to us specifically at present. For copyright reasons we can’t reproduce the texts here, but they ranged from the fun to the serious and from the seventeenth century to the present: Janosch, ‘Es war einmal ein Hahn’; Christian Morgenstern, ‘Der Werwolf’; Andreas Gryphius, ‘Betrachtung der Zeit’; Mascha Kaléko, ‘Rezept’; Ernst Jandl, ‘ottos mops’; Matthias Politycki, ‘Das Guinness-Gleichnis’.

 To be continued, in whatever forms are possible, in the new academic year!






Undergraduate article in 'German Life and Letters'

Zak Eastop, a final-year student of German and French, has published an article in German Life and Letters, one of the leading journals in the field of modern languages in the UK. Zak's article, 'Adapting Schiller's "Don Karlos": Verdi, Posa and the Problem of the "Familiengemälde"', began life in one of his second-year units, and included a particularly innovative study of how features of Schiller's drama were transferred into Verdi's music. This is a very significant achievement by someone who has not yet graduated.

The same April 2020 issue of German Life and Letters carries an article by Mary Frank on 'Ottokar Domma: A Satirist, but For or Against GDR Socialism?' Mary Frank completed a PhD in Translation in 2018, and her article is a revised version of the essay with which she was runner-up for the prestigious Women in German Studies Postgraduate Prize.

A Bristol double: our congratulations to Mary and to Zak alike!

Read Zak's article here, and read Mary's here

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