Research, English and Academic Literacy

Our Research, English and Academic Literacy courses can help you communicate effectively about your research. These courses are suitable for all postgraduate research students (UK, EU and international).

Taught sessions

As a postgraduate researcher, it is vital that you can communicate clearly and persuasively. You must be able to speak and write about your findings, to help people from a variety of disciplines engage with your research. 

In taught sessions, you will explore the expectations of different academic communities. Analysing the language used by other researchers, you will develop communication strategies of your own.

You will practise speaking and writing about your research, adapting your style to different audiences and situations.

The three best things about the course were being able to look at my writing, being able to share my research ideas with other students, and being able to identify key points to have in mind when writing.

student, 2016

One-to-one writing tutorials

In the two weeks following each taught session, you will be eligible for a one-to-one tutorial with your tutor. We will email you details on how to book.

Course details

We offer courses for:

There will be no classes or tutorials during the Easter holiday. Courses run based on numbers and can be subject to change.

How to register


After completing the registration form, you will receive an email containing the date, time and location of your class.

International students with language profile 'F' or below (Pre-Real) register here

1st and 2nd year research students register here

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Get in touch

If you have any questions, please email

The tutor took the time to go through my written work and allowed me to identify key problems. She gave me very good and clear feedback and suggestions.

student, 2016
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