Research, English and Academic Literacy (REAL) @ CELFS

What is REAL?

These sessions aim to raise your awareness of issues in Research, English, and Academic Literacy by analysing the organisation and language used to communicate research findings across a range of disciplines. After noticing what other researchers do, you will be better able to communicate your own research findings using language and style appropriate to your audience and purpose. You will have the opportunity to practise communicating about your research both in writing and in speaking. 

What are the aims of REAL?

As a post-graduate researcher, the ability to communicate your research findings in many different kinds of genres, both spoken and written is vital. You need to do this so that people in your discipline (and often across) can understand and engage with your writing. As a post-graduate researcher, it is important to become familiar with the expectations of your particular research community or culture. In the same way that there are similarities and differences between American, British & NZ culture, there are both similarities and differences between the academic culture of your discipline and others. These sessions help you to understand these expectations and then meet them to help you become a successful participant in your academic community.

Which course should I register for?

If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to discuss the best option for you.

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How to apply

Registration will open in September 2018.

Please contact for more information

If you attended sessions in previous years and would like further 1-1 tutorials, please contact for more information about how to book this.

Dates for 2018-19


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REAL 1-2

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REAL 3-4

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Please note, there will be no classes or tutorials during the Easter vacation

Groups run based on numbers and can be subject to change

A chance to think about writing in a different way.

REAL 1-2 student 2016

The tutorial was really well developed. The tutor took the time to go through my written work and allowed me to identify key problems. She gave me very good and clear feedback and suggestions.

REAL 1-2 student 2016

The three best things about the course were being able to look at my writing, being able to share my research ideas with other students, and being able to identify key points to have in mind when writing.

REAL 1-2 student 2016

Is this course for me? 

Yes. If you are a postgraduate research student (Home, European, or International), you can sign up for one of these courses.

1-1 Writing Tutorials

After attending an input session you will be emailed details on how to book your 1:1 tutorial. Please note you must have attended the input session to be eligible for a tutorial. 

For students who are not yet eligible to sign up for the next block of sessions and tutorials:  If you have attended the input sessions, you can continue receiving 1-1 tutorials.  You are eligible for one tutorial every month. Please contact for more information about how to book this. 

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