Current projects

Title of ProjectPrincipal Investigator and/or SMRG LeadSponsor
Applicability of advanced digital image correlation techniques in integrity assessment codes of safety sensitive industries Mahmoud Mostafavi National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)
A fracture-mechanics-based Process Envelope for flow Forming ProEnForm (RCUK Catapult Researchers in Residence award HVM AFRC) Harry Coules EPSRC
ATLAS+; Advanced Structural Integrity Assessment Tools for Safe Long Term Operation Mahmoud Mostafavi Euratom H2020
CHaracterisation, Imaging and MaPping of fuel debris for safe retrieval (CHIMP) Mahmoud Mostafavi EPSRC
Corrosion Fatigue Lifetime of Offshore Wind Structures Nicolas Larrosa Atkins, obo Carbon Trust
Creep damage characterisation of power plant steels using full field measurement techniques Mahmoud Mostafavi Royal Society
Development of Inspection Techniques for Non-sharp Defects Nicolas Larrosa TWI
Development of Fracture Mechanics Testing Techniques for Non-sharp Defects Nicolas Larrosa TWI
EDF Energy High Temperature Centre Chris Truman EDF Energy
Effects of load and defect history on fracture in the presence of residual and thermal stress Harry Coules Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Ministry of Defence (MoD)
Interaction of clad residual stresses with applied thermo-mechanical loading Martyn Pavier AMEC
Landing Gear of the Future - Probabilistic Fatigue Design Julian Booker ATI
NDE, Design and Engineering Critical Assessment (NDECA): Bridging the gaps Nicolas Larrosa EPSRC
Novel high temperature steam pipes Martyn Pavier EPSRC
MAINTAiN: Multi-scAle INTegrity assessment for Advanced high-temperature Nuclear systems Mahmoud Mostafavi EPSRC
Multi-axial Creep-fatigue Interaction of Welded Joints David Knowles UKAEA
Rail-energy knowledge exchange on emerging materials (ALCHEMy) Martyn Pavier EPSRC
Reducing risk through uncertainty quantification for past, present and future generations of nuclear power plants Mahmoud Mostafavi EPSRC
Stroboscopic mapping of dynamic strain field in in-situ loaded moving parts Mahmoud Mostafavi STFC (EnginX)
Structural integrity assessment for wire and arc additive manufacturing Harry Coules Lloyds Register Foundation
The structural integrity of additive manufactured Vanadium for nuclear fusion applications  Nicolas Larrosa EPSRC
The Physics and Mechanics of Creep Cavity Nucleation and Sintering in Energy Materials David Knowles EPSRC
Validation of new BS 7910:2013 fracture assessment procedures using full-scale test data and numerical modelling Mahmoud Mostafavi TWI
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