About us

The Solid Mechanics group has a long tradition of industrially-motivated research on how materials behave when they are subjected to thermal and mechanical loads. The group has expertise in both metallic and non-metallic materials and undertakes research using advanced numerical and analytical methods, validated by experimental testing. A key motivation for this research is the assessment of structural integrity in safety-critical applications.

Within the broad area of solid mechanics, the main interests of the group are:

The group has formed a number of strong relationships with other UK universities, overseas universities and industrial partners. For example, the group is part of the EDF Energy High Temperature Centre which undertakes research motivated by the need to demonstrate safety of nuclear power plant.

The Solid Mechanics Group is based in the School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol, around 10 minutes walk from Bristol city centre. It consists of around 10 permanent academic staff, 5 visiting staff and 15-20 researchers.

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