SYNERGIA - Secure by design end to end platform for large scale resource constrained IoT applications

Research areas IoT, AI and cyber secuirty 
Dates 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2022
Funder  Innovate UK
Contact person  Dr George Oikonomou

Project Team

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Programme Overview:

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This Innovate UK funded project aims to overcome privacy concerns and associated transmission latency experienced by contemporary Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, increasing the resilience and security of industrial IoT items, and enabling the UK to develop future networks.

Led by Toshiba Europe Limited, SYNERGIA will develop a novel, secure, IoT platform that will provide users with distributed processing capability at the Edge as a service. Existing IoT platforms adopt a cloud-based approach, however the current design raises privacy concerns and is difficult to scale due to the large volume of data and associated transmission latency. By moving some of the computation to the Edge, SYNERGIA will address these concerns.

The researchers from the Smart Internet Lab are ideally placed to bring their world-leading-expertise in IoT networking to this project, in addition to their extensive knowledge in cyber security and distributed AI (Artificial Intelligence). The team aims to demonstrate the results in a real Environment setting on an existing Edge IoT platform

This innovative project will increase the resilience and security of industrial IoT items in line with the UK’s strategy for digital infrastructure, encouraging the development of telecommunication networks, boosting local economic growth, and driving efficiency in the provision of local public services.

The consortium consists of Toshiba Europe Limited, Ioetec, Configured Things, Smartia and MAC Ltd.

Further Information

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