Keysight F8 Channel Emulators

The group owns two Keysight F8 RF Channel Emulators and these support bi-directional RF links with a path loss dynamic range of 120dB. This facility enables state of the art Wi-Fi, 802.11p, LTE-A and mmWave Hardware In the Loop (HIL) experimentation.  This facility was procured through an EPSRC experimental equipment award. It supports up to 16 independent wireless streams with a bandwidth of 160MHz.  Unique to Bristol’s configuration, the multiple channels can be ‘stacked’ in the frequency domain to facilitate wideband (up to 1GHz) HIL operation. Via mmWave up and down converters the facility is also able to test and optimisation antenna array and beamforming techniques at millimetre wave frequencies.

Keysight Technologies

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