Smart Internet Lab

Terabit/second elastic optical transmitter

Booming Internet with twisted light

Measuring 3D antenna radiation in our anechoic chamber

The Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol is one of the UK's most renowned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research centres which addresses grand societal and industrial challenges.

Our 200 experts on 5G radio/wireless, optical communications and networks challenge the complexity of tomorrow's world by fusing research expertise and innovation in a range of research areas such as: IoT, 5G and Beyond, Future Transport Networks, Smart Cities, Autonomous Networks, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Network, Convergence, Mobile Edge Computing and Network Softwarization.

Our unique offering across optical, wireless, IoT and cloud technologies enable us to bring together end-to-end network design and optimisation and impact regional, national and global ICT innovations.   

About us


Our vision is to become a world leader in communications and digital living research. In the Smart Internet Lab we challenge the complexity of tomorrow's digital world by fusing expertise across the boundaries of wireless, networks, photonics and beyond.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of the Smart Internet Lab

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