The UNDT group is particularly active in the following research areas, each of them championed by one of our academics.

Please follow the links to discover more of what we do and the people that works in each area.


Array Imaging

Research in ultrasonic arrays has developed considerably during the last decades. The UNDT group has been at the forefront of a suite of array imaging techniques now widely known by the acronyms FMC and TFM.

NDT of Composites

The NDT of Composites team conduct research to develop novel non-destructive 3D characterisation methods to provide confidence in the quality of manufactured composites.

Structural Health Monitoring

Large components and structures’ conditions are difficult to monitor using conventional NDT, our research in this area has focussed on using guided waves capable of inspecting large areas to deal with the presence of environmental variation and minimise its effects.

Non linear ultrasound

Research in this area focuses in developing to better characterise new and improved materials using nonlinear ultrasonic and multi-wave techniques.

Ultrasonic particle manipulation

This research area seeks to develop devices that harness acoustic forces to carefully position macro-scale objects and micro-scale particles.

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