High Performance Computing (HPC)

Our research focuses on the application of heterogeneous and many-core computing to solve large-scale scientific problems. Related research problems we are addressing include: performance portability across many-core devices; advanced computer architectures and simulation; and fault tolerance software techniques for resiliency at scale.

  • The group maintains an experimental cluster of some of the fastest and most exotic GPUs and accelerators in the world.
  • The group has established an Intel oneAPI Center of Excellence, building on its history of close collaboration with Intel on performance portability and advanced computer architectures. 
  • The University of Bristol is one of the few Arm centres of excellence.
  • We offer training in parallel programming.

Isambard is the first of an anticipated growing number of production supercomputers that will deliver significant benefits in terms of price/performance and faster product innovation.

Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith, Head of group and Professor in High Performance Computing

For further information, please contact the Head of Group: Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith

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