Research Group PhD List 1964-2017

Student Year Title   Supervisor Area
Arany, L. 2017 A methodology for simplified integrated design of offshore wind turbine foundations - Theoretical approximations and closed form solutions for preliminary design PhD John Hogan, John Macdonald & Suby Bhattacharya Structures
He, M. 2016 Insight into galloping instability of a multi-degree-of-freedom slender structure with structural and aerodynamic couplings PhD John Macdonald Structures
Shadlou, M. 2016 Contribution to the static and dynamic response of piles in liquefiable ground PhD Nick Alexander Structures
Waterfall, P. W. 2015 High Accuracy Video Measurement Systems for Structural Monitoring - an Investigation of the Measurement Opportunities and Barriers to Widespread Adoption EngD John Macdonald, Theo Tryfonas & Chris Setchell Structures
Bocian, M. 2014 Determination of the self-excited forces on structures due to walking pedestrians using a biologically-inpired approach PhD John Macdonald & Jeremy Burn Structures
Kashani, M 2014 Seismic Performance of Corroded RC Bridge Piers: Development of a Multi-Mechanical Nonlinear Fibre Beam-Column Model PhD Adam Crewe & Nick Alexander Structures
Lombardi, D. 2014 Dynamics of pile-supported structures in seismically liquefiable soils PhD Nick Alexander & Suby Bhattacharya Structures
Cox, J. 2014 Long-term serviceability behaviour of suction caisson supported offshore wind turbines PhD Nick Alexander & Suby Bhattacharya Structures
Aldaikh, H. 2013 Discrete models for the study of dynamic structure-soil-structure interaction PhD Nick Alexander & Erdin Ibraim Structures
El Halabi, A 2012 The role of value management in performance based engineering MSc Colin Taylor Structures
Nazri, F. M. 2012 Predicting the collapse potential of structures in earthquakes PhD Nick Alexander Structures
Nikitas, N. 2011 Wind-induced dynamic instabilities of flexible bridges PhD John Macdonald Structures
Symes, J.A. 2011 Dry inclined galloping of smooth circular cables in the critical Reynolds number range PhD John Macdonald Structures
Ciavaglia, F. 2010 Development of a new constitutive model for anisotropic soils PhD David Muir Wood, Adrian Russell & David Nash Geotechnics
Diambra, A. 2010 Fibre reinforced sands : experiments and constitutive modelling  PhD Erdin Ibraim & David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Massow, C.L.S. 2010 Bifurcation and numerical integration analysis of parametric excitation of inclined cables PhD John Macdonald Structures
Oddbjornsson, O. 2009 Dynamics of nonlinear elastic moment resisting frames  PhD Nick Alexander & Colin Taylor Structures
Parrott, J. 2009 Pattern formation in soils PhD David Muir Wood & Adam Crewe Structures
Nakayama, H. 2007 Modelling interfaces between sand and structural elements PhD David Muir Wood & Martin Lings Geotechnics
Sabatini, R 2007 Seismic Performance Assessment of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Intake Towers PhD Adam Crewe & Colin Taylor Structures
Sabatino, R. 2007 Non-linear seismic performance of concrete reservoir intake towers PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Sukolrat, J (May) 2007 Structure and destructuration of Bothkennar Clay PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Harrison, A. T.  2006 A performance framework for the soil strengthening properties of fibre-reinforced sand PhD David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Lazaridis, T. 2006 Seismic assessment of concrete gravity dams PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Norman, J. 2006 Multiple support excitation of long span bridges: an experimental and numerical study PhD Adam Crewe Structures
Sadek, T. 2006 The multiaxial behaviour and elastic stiffness of Hostun sand PhD David Muir Wood & Martin Lings Geotechnics
Shik Yoon, B. 2006 Commissioning of a new hollow cylinder apparatus MSc David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Virden, D. 2006 Adaptive Control for Structural Testing Applications PhD Adam Crewe & Dave Wagg Structures
Flory, R. 2005 The modelling of soft coastal cliff recession and landsliding PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Lorenzo, R 2005 Modelling of cable-structure interaction in cable-stayed bridges and examination of their autoparametric response under stochastic loading PhD John Macdonald Structures
Adom-Asamoah, M. 2004 Non-linear seismic performance of buildings PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Kalasin, T.  2004 Dynamic macroelement model for gravity retaining walls PhD David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Gajo, A. 2003 Instability phenomena in sand samples PhD David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Papatheodorou, M. 2003 Dynamic model updating for cable-stayed bridges  PhD Colin Taylor & Nick Lieven Structures
Baker, E. 2002 Condition monitoring and asset management  PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Georgakis, C. 2002 Non-linear dynamics of stay-cables PhD Colin Taylor & Nick Lieven Structures
Hsiung, B. 2002 Engineering performance of deep excavations in Taipei PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Arroyo, M. 2001 Pulse tests on soil samples PhD David Muir Wood Geotechnics
LeMasurier, J. 2001 Process modelling applied to observational method of geotechnical design PhD David Muir Wood Geotechnics
Seddon, E. 2001 Monitoring and back analysis of a multi-propped sheet pile retaining wall in Bristol MSc David Nash Geotechnics
Ataherian, A. 2000 Seismic behaviour of concrete dams  PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Dietz, M. S. 2000 Developing an holistic understanding of interface friction using sand within the direct shear apparatus PhD Martin Lings Geotechnics
Macdonald, J. H. G. 2000 Identification of the dynamic behaviour of a cable-stayed bridge from full-scale testing during and after construction PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Esghi, S. 1999 Seismic design of reservoir intake towers PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Osborne, B.  1999 Foundation requirements for structures on the Somerset Levels MSc David Nash Geotechnics
Pennington, D. S.  1999 The anisotropic small strain stiffness of Cambridge Gault Clay PhD David Nash & Martin Lings Geotechnics
Crewe, A. J. 1998 The characterisation and optimisation of earthquake shaking table performance PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Min Mao 1997 Seismic behaviour of concrete dams PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Moncaster, A. 1997 The shear modulus of sand at very small strains MSc Martin Lings Geotechnics
Ryde, S.  1997 The performance and back analysis of embankments on soft estuarine clay PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Yeung, A. 1996 Seismic soil-structure interaction  PhD Colin Taylor & Martin lings Structures
Yeung, A. C. K. 1996 Numerical monotonic and cyclic strain simulations of sands using an endochronic plane strain model PhD Colin Taylor & Martin Lings Structures
Lubkowski, Z. 1995 Seismic soil-structure interaction MSc Colin Taylor Structures
Silva, M.S. 1995 Seismic vulnerability assessment  PhD Colin Taylor & D.I. Blockley Structures
Simic, M. 1995 Seismic foundation-structure interaction PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Mir, R.A. 1994 Seismic behaviour of concrete gravity dams PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Dar, R.A. 1993 Development of geotechnical shear stack PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Narbett, R.  1993 Geological and engineering properties of estuarine alluvium from Severn Estuary PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Ng, C. W. W.  1992 An evaluation of soil-structure interaction associated with a multi-propped excavation PhD David Nash & Martin Lings Geotechnics
Daniell, W.E. 1991 Seismic design of reservoir intake towers PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Greeves, E.J. 1991 Dynamic fluid-structure coupling PhD Colin Taylor Structures
Law, C.S.S. 1991 Damage assessment by dynamic testing  PhD Colin Taylor & P. Waldron Structures
Chandru, R. 1990 Digital control of the BRE vibrator system  MSc Colin Taylor & G. Reed Structures
Stephen, G. 1990 Vision-based dynamic data acquisition systems PhD Colin Taylor & E. Dagless Structures
Lloyd, I. M. 1989 The location and investigation of a test-bed site for research on soft clay PhD David Nash Geotechnics
Brownjohn, J. 1987 Dynamic prototype testing methods  PhD Colin Taylor & R. Adams Structures
Lilley, D. M.  1982 The non-destructive testing of model piles using a resonant vibration technique PhD William Larnach Geotechnics
Maddocks, D. V. 1978 The behaviour of model ground anchors installed in sand and subjected to pull-out and repeated loading PhD William Larnach Geotechnics
Cathie, D. N. 1977 The non-linear analysis of embankment and gravity dams PhD William Larnach Geotechnics
Park, R 1964 The ultimate strength of uniformly loaded, laterally restrained rectangular two-way concrete slabs PhD Alfred Pugsley Structures
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