PhD opportunities in Cryptography

Machine-checked and high-assurance cryptography

Supervisor: Dr Francois Dupressoir

Summary: As cryptography becomes a more integral part of systems used daily by billions, the need for trustworthy cryptographic systems increases. You will be joining a group whose focus is on developing and leveraging formal program verification techniques (from interactive proof assistants to static analysis) to develop high-assurance cryptographic algorithms, and software and hardware implementations, including with side-channels. The specific focus of the PhD project (algorithms, software, hardware or side-channels) will depend on your interests and skills.

A solid foundation in formal methods or in cryptography is essential, with exposure and understanding of the other a plus. We are looking for a self-motivated learner with an interest in mathematical or engineering aspects of building high-assurance cryptographic systems.

For more information please contact Dr Francois Dupressoir

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