HotStuff - MSc Volcanology Seminars: Part 2/2 - Yahaya Danjuma, Jess Basset & Frankie Butler

20 June 2024, 12.00 PM - 20 June 2024, 1.00 PM

Yahaya Danjuma, Jess Basset and Frankie Butler, MSc Students at University of Bristol

Wills Memorial Building, G8

We are pleased to welcome three of our own MSc Volcanology students: Yahaya Danjuma, Jess Basset and Frankie Butler, to give talks on their research projects and their current progress.

Speakers and talks:

Yahaya Danjuma - Reconciling the erupted volumes of tephra and lava against the ‘‘missing’’ summit volume for the 2021 eruption of Volcȧn de Pacaya, Guatemala.

Jess Basset The Excess Sulfur Problem: an experimental approach.

Frankie Butler - Quantifying the Ascent Rate of Wet Felsic Magmas at Mt Pinatubo: Textural Implications for Copper Porphyry Deposits.

Contact information

For further information, contact Ben Ireland.

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