Composites Perspectives

Transformation in Engineering
14 March 2023

Speaker: Professor Mike Hinton, Consultant in Research and Technology Partnerships, High Value Manufacturing Catapult

Talk title: “Engineering Transformation”.

Abstract: The processes for creating new engineering products are well established and have changed very little over the last 40+ years. At the current time, there continues to be an exponential growth in the levels of interconnectivity, digitalisation and system complexity, just as the global economy begins to respond to the challenges of climate change, and the recognition of overdependence on transnational supply chains. These disruptive changes provide the UK with the opportunity to reappraise the effectiveness of the traditional engineering processes and act to pursue a radical transformation of engineering that will underpin the competitiveness of the UK industrial based through the 21st century.

Mike Hinton Engineering Transformation (PDF, 1,159kB)


Speaker: Professor Ole Thomsen, Co-Director of Bristol Composites Institute and NCC Chair in Composites Design and Manufacture

Talk title: “Towards virtual validation of composites structures – rethinking the testing pyramid approach”. 

Abstract: Based on the CerTest project funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK, the presentation will address ongoing research efforts aiming to unlock the use of composites by developing the foundations of virtual test, validation and eventually certification frameworks that rely less on costly and time consuming physical testing and more on numerical simulations and digital twinning.

Prof O Thomsen slides (PDF, 4,037kB)

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