Current grants


British Heart Foundation Career Re-Entry Research Fellowship, Childhood diet qualirt and cardiometabolic outcomes in ALSPAC. £172,563 G Buckland


UoB Brigstow Institute for Refugee resilience narrative - feasibility work with Bristol Somali Community. Allport T, £6380

Ensuring financial assurance for the Nepal Injurt Research Centre programme. National Institute for Health Research. £6970, Mytton J 2019-2020



Nestle Nutrition. Is dietary fat intake in infancy and early childhood associated with serum leptin concentrations and body fat in later life? C Taylor (PI) and P Emmett £175,000
VTCT Foundation. Safe-Tea campaign and evaluation. A Emond (PI), A Kemp and J Mytton (co-apps). £24,750. 1st Dec 2018 for 18m
MRC (Confidence in Concept). Evaluating the usability, acceptability and potential effectiveness of a smartphone app to support the management of urinary incontinence and urgency in young people. Joinson C, Whale K, Yardley L, Ingram J. £76,862
Brigstow Institute. Support a photoexhibition launch and discussion of findings from a 'Walkabout' with Somali people in Barton Hill as an innovative methodology to critique the urban built environment in relation to opportunities for play and social interaction for preschool children from a refugee and forced migrant background. Allport T, £1000


Medical Research Council, Lung function trajectories from birth to school age in African children, and their early life determinants. Custovic A, Zar H, Bush A, Henderson AJ, Holloway J, Stein D, Nicol M, Gray DM. 2018-2020, £910,567

John Templeton Foundation, Transgenerational non-genetic pathways to human development. Golding J, Pembrey M, Northstone K, Williams C, Henderson J. 2018-2020, £995,500

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