About the image

BrisSynBio illustration by Andy Council

This image was created by Andy Council in collaboration with BrisSynBio in 2014. Andy is a Bristol-based artist and illustrator. His style is instantly recognisable in and around Bristol: he creates composite beasts made up of architectural landmarks and other recognisable elements”; and some of his work is visible in the streets of Bristol and on display at the M Shed in the city.

This particular piece arose out of discussions between Andy, Dek Woolfson and Kathleen Sedgley over the summer of 2014 soon after BrisSynBio officially started. The idea that emerged was to take a peak inside a cell through a window cut into the cell wall, with the latter created from illustrations of buildings at the University of Bristol most associated with BrisSynBio.

Promoting BrisSynBio 

The above image forms the foundation of a pair of "straplines" that can be added to slides and posters.

Small strapline

The first is a normal strapline, useful for slides or smaller printouts.

Download the small strapline for slides and smaller printouts


Detailed strapline

The second is a strapline with the detailed BrisSynBio image. This is useful for larger slides or posters.

Download the detailed strapline for larger slides or posters.

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