University of Bristol and Brexit

As the uncertainties and challenges posed by Brexit continue to unfold, our focus remains on supporting EU staff and students, and retaining Bristol’s links with our European partners.

Statement from the Vice-Chancellor

Hugh BradyThe University of Bristol has a distinctive international reputation for excellence in teaching and research, and we recognise that international staff and students play a vital role in the ongoing and future success of our institution. The Brexit discussions and the uncertainty around them is likely to be a cause for concern anyone affected, and we want to assure all staff and students that they are welcome here at Bristol.

Whilst we are not clear about the exact implications of Brexit, I can be very clear that the University is absolutely committed to supporting those affected, whether they are studying or working here. This website has been developed to help you to keep up to date with latest developments in the Brexit negotiations and to provide you with sources of advice.

I hope that you find the information on this website useful. We will continue to update it as and when more information becomes available so please check it regularly to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest information.

Professor Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor

Our research and Brexit

Many of our researchers have fed into the Brexit debate, lending fresh insights and influential advice.

Vice-Chancellor's Brexit blog post

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