Visiting you

Students and other learners can engage in hands-on, practical demonstrations and activities run by members of University staff.

Our workshops can help enrich school practical work and can be tailored to fit the curriculum and age range and abilities of the students. We can also provide interactive talks from scientists about a wide range of topics within medical sciences, including research and career paths. These can be arranged for a variety of settings, from assemblies to inspirational vocational sessions for small groups.

Mobile Teaching Unit: Science on Wheels

Our specialist teaching staff can come to your students in our Mobile Teaching Unit (MTU). The MTU provides a great platform for ready-to-go outreach activities: a specially-equipped lorry that expands into a classroom capable of accommodating up to 20 people.

Sessions can be run a number of times through the day and have flexible durations (from around 30-90 minutes) allowing a large number of students to have the opportunity to visit the MTU during the day. The interactive sessions offer a small group teaching environment designed to enrich current topics in the curriculum.

Please contact us to enquire whether the Mobile Teaching Unit can visit your area.

How big is the lorry?

The Mobile Teaching Unit is a large vehicle at approximately 11.5m long, 5.5m wide and 4m high when fully 'expanded'.  Prior to booking, please ensure that there is sufficient space (including vertical space) for some manoeuvring. A level surface is also needed when the vehicle is parked. The Unit has its own water tank and generator therefore it doesn't require any mains electrical connection.

Hot off the press

Watch a video about the Medical Research Council's Centenary featuring the MTU:

The Mobile Teaching Unit in Centenary Square, Birmingham

The MTU was a great success at the International Union of Physiological Sciences Congress.

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