Workshop in Ecology and Behaviour Seminar: Prof Robin Tinghitella (University of Denver)

20 April 2021, 4.00 PM - 20 April 2021, 5.00 PM

Prof Robin Tinghitella (University of California), hosted by Dr Sandra Winters



The origins of novelty in communication between the sexes


For most of the last 150 years we assumed that evolution took place over extremely long timescales, thousands to millions of years. Yet, recent work points to incredibly fast evolution, often following from anthropogenic change like accidental or purposeful introduction to new locations, habitat modification, harvesting, and climate change. My lab is particularly interested in how the conditions conducive to rapid evolution impact animal communication systems. How do human impacts alter the mating environment in which males and females communicate with one another? Can evolution keep up with the incredible pace of environmental change? In this talk I will 1) highlight recent work demonstrating the extremely rapid evolution of new male mating signals in introduced island populations of a field cricket that encounter a novel natural enemy, and 2) discuss how I integrate my research on the contemporary evolution of animal communication with the teaching and practice of science communication through community engagement.


You can check out more of Robin's work here.


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Topic: Workshops in Ecology and Behaviour (WEB)

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A cricket in some grassland

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