The BCCS newsletter is a student-led publication designed to update our affiliates and members of the public about the research taking place in the centre.

Latest issue

Issue 10: Winter 2015

  • Left-biased ants: it's a maze thing!, Edmund Hunt
  • What's that coming over the hill? The automatic identification of individual Gila monsters, Benjamin Hughes
  • What is AI?, Patrick McGovern
Issue 10 (PDF, 1,212kB)

Previous issues

Issue 1: Summer 2010

  • Message from the director, Professor John Hogan
  • From the city to evolving dynamical networks, Thomas Gorochowski
  • iGEM and the BCCS, Thomas Gorochowski, Petros Mina, Oliver Purcell, Stephen Reid
Issue 1 (PDF, 354kB)

Issue 2: Autumn 2010

  • The BCCS experience, Angela Onslow
  • Using complex tools in computational science and bioinformatics, Owen Rackham
Issue 2 (PDF, 1,396kB)

Issue 3: Summer 2011

  • Decision time, Martha Lewis and Edward Rooke
  • Mostly complex, Dave Kelly
Issue 3 (PDF, 2,219kB)

Issue 4: Autumn 2011

  • An overview of the first student conference on complexity science (SCCS), Harriet Mills
  • Music information retrieval (MIR), Matt McVicar
  • Where can BCCS take you?, Adam Sardar
Issue 4 (PDF, 2,447kB)

Issue 5: Summer 2012 

  • Complexity and biomimicry, Tom Jordan
  • So how complex is glass?, Andrew Dunleavy
  • Science in the local community, Alex Pavlides and Henrietta Eyre
Issue 5 (PDF, 2,496kB)

Issue 6: Autmun 2012

  • The Swarm and the Mosquito, Andy Aldersley
  • Self-assembly of colloidal clusters, Alex Malins
  • BCCS Outreach, BCCS Outrach team
Issue 6 (PDF, 2,097kB)

Issue 7: Summer 2013

  • Language games, Patrick McGovern
  • Collective motion and the behaviour of bats, Thomas McKetterick
  • Liar's dice, Neeraj Oak
Issue 7 (PDF, 2,411kB)

Issue 8: Autumn 2013

  • Understanding social segregation, David Haw
  • An evolutionary approach to language learning, Henrietta Eyre
  • Outreach@Festivals, BCCS Outreach team
Issue 8 (PDF, 791kB)

Issue 9: Summer 2014

  • The glass transition: an icosahedral approach, Rhiannon Pinney
  • Tangible Networks: a new outreach project, BCCS Outreach team
  • BCCS alumni: where are they now?, Matt Oates
Issue 9 (PDF, 826kB)