Tangible Networks

The BCCS team deomonstrate their hands-on approach to communicating complexity and network science to visitors at Cheltenham Science Festival.

The hidden geometry of sound

The BCCS team at Green Man Festival show visitors the fascinating patterns that emerge from vibrations when a bow is drawn across a metal plate.

Feeling much better now!

A demonstration at the Bristol Festival of Nature shows how diseases can spread quickly and easily through populations.

BCCS outreach aims to raise public awareness of science research, in particular complexity science and the ways in which it unites scientists from all disciplines.

We aim to increase numbers of people participating in science and its creative processes. We do this via activities aimed at the general public, local school projects, workshops and outreach to other scientists.

Tangible Networks

Our major project: a toolkit for communicating complexity and network science concepts in a hands-on way.

Want to learn more?

Our complexity seminar and colloquia events are open to the public.