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About Liberal Arts

Our Liberal Arts programme combines in-depth study of a single discipline with the exploration of other subjects within the Faculty of Arts.

We have two courses available:

What pathways are available? 

Bristol University currently offers pathways in the following subject disciplines: 

(* - The English and Music pathways are available only to students who hold an A-level or equivalent qualification in that subject.)


A male and female student reading a book on philosophy. Course units

You will study core units as well as choosing units from subjects across the Faculty:

Liberal Arts (BA)

Liberal Arts with Study Abroad (MLibArts) 

A black passport on top of a map of the world. Study abroad

Spend a year studying abroad as part of our four-year MLibArts course, with full guidance from our dedicated support team.

Explore the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts houses 14 academic departments across three large schools. All our departments offer opportunities for study within the Liberal Arts programme.

The Liberal Arts degree equips you with the necessary skills to specialise in your personal interests with a broader perspective. Both the core units in the first two years and my current year abroad in Salamanca have allowed me to develop this open-minded and interdisciplinary approach when studying modules from my History pathway and while making progress in Spanish.

Emily (MLibArts Liberal Arts with Study Abroad)
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