Past Conferences and Other Events


Media and Classics

Media and Classics, a two-day, international conference at the Watershed in Bristol on 26-27 November 2016, brought together Classicists and media theorists for the first time in order to discuss new ways to understand the transmission of 'classical' culture. The organiser, Dr Pantelis Michelakis, is in the process of publishing the conference proceedings.

Stoicism and French Philosophy from Sartre to Badiou

This three-day conference, held on 4-6 January 2016, was the first in a series on ancient Greek and Roman stoicism and modern continental philosophy. It was hosted by the University of Bristol, and was underwritten by the Institute for Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition.

Deep Classics

The Deep Classics conference took place on 21-22 November 2014, exploring new approaches to the study of classical reception. Those interested in the topic can now read the edited volume published by Bloomsbury in May 2016.



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