Emma Hornby's Project Report

22 March 2022, 4.30 PM - 22 March 2022, 5.45 PM

Emma Hornby, University of Bristol

Victoria's Room, Victoria Rooms

In this seminar, there will be presentations about three related projects. There will be a final report on the work of the Leverhulme International Network on Processions in Early Medieval Iberia. The collaborative work on this project culminated in the submission of a collection of articles to a journal for a forthcoming special issue. These interdisciplinary articles put liturgical evidence in dialogue with visigothic texts and archaeology to paint a picture of (what we know about) ritual movement in early medieval Iberia. Eduardo Carrero (Barcelona) is currently affiliated with the Music Department through a Leverhulme International Professorship, and we will introduce some of the results of his visit to Bristol in Autumn 2021. The third project is an AHRC-funded project on Iberian Saints. Together with colleagues from Nijmegen and Boulder, we have spent the last year gaining a holistic sense of how different saints, and different types of saint, were venerated in early medieval Iberia. We introduce some of our preliminary results, and some of the most fascinating saints whose cults have come into focus in our collaborative analytical work.



Emma Hornby is a Professor of Music at the University of Bristol. Her monographs are: Gregorian and Old Roman Eighth-Mode Tracts (2002), Medieval Liturgical Chant and Patristic Exegesis (2009), and co-authored with Rebecca Maloy, Music and Meaning in Old Hispanic Lenten Chants (2013). She has recently co-authored (with Kati Ihnat, Rebecca Maloy and Raquel Rojo Carrillo) Liturgical and musical culture in early medieval Iberia (CUP, in press). She has won multiple grants to support collaborative work on Old Hispanic chant, from the British Academy, the AHRC, the ERC and the Leverhulme Trust.

Contact information

Michael Ellison: Michael.Ellison@bristol.ac.uk

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