How we use your data

Who we are

The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) at the University of Bristol supports the delivery of the University’s key strategic priorities by facilitating transformative gifts, expanding our international community of alumni and friends and demonstrating how engagement and philanthropy can make a positive impact on local communities across the world.

Our donors choose to support Bristol in response to our appeals and engagement by direct mail, telephone, email and through face to face meetings.

We are proud of our donors and the difference they make and will treat them with respect as detailed in our fundraising promise.

Data Protection statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy.  This statement describes how DARO collects and uses personal information about people. 

The terms of this statement may change from time to time. We will provide any updated information on our website and alert you to the changes through our usual channels of communication.

You can request a copy by emailing us at or phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046.

DARO is part of the University of Bristol, and the University is the Data Controller. Read full details of the University’s data protection policies.

You have the right to object to the processing of your data in any of the ways outlined below. This can be done by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046, or by changing your preferences online.

How we collect information

All University of Bristol student names, degrees, contact addresses and telephone numbers are transferred from the student database and used to create a record for you on the DARO database.  We also hold records on non-alumni friends of the University, donors and potential donors.

We will inform new graduates of the change in use of your details around graduation, and you will have the opportunity to opt in or out of our communications at any point.

You can choose to opt out of communications at any time by emailing

In addition to the information transferred when you graduate, we also record updates you supply when you enquire about our activities, update your details via an Update Form or on our website, make a donation to the University of Bristol or otherwise provide us with personal information.

We may also receive information about you from third parties, such as your friend passing on your details to us to invite you to a reunion. We will always check with you first before using these details for marketing purposes.

If you have a relationship with the Students Union, for example as a lifetime member, we may share your contact details with them to ensure they have the most up to date means of contacting you.

We will sometimes collect information about you that is publicly available and append it to your record, such as your current employment, or any awards or accolades you may receive. This is to ensure that our records remain up to date, and that you continue to receive the emails, opportunities and invitations that will be the most appropriate and interesting to you.

Occasionally, we may ask external companies to add data about you to our existing record. This may include wealth screening companies or companies that will append additional information to the records we hold. The information received from these companies may be generalised, such as Mosaic classifications based on your postcode, or personal, such as notifications that you have changed address, updated contact details, or an indication of your wealth or philanthropic giving capacity. The companies conducting this activity will be carefully vetted by the University to ensure that their processing of your data is fair, reasonable and compliant under relevant legislation. Any data supplied by the University will only be used for the activity they have been asked to carry out, and will not be indefinitely kept by them or added to the data that they hold. We take this approach to ensure that you continue to receive relevant and interesting communications and that our philanthropic fundraising activity is as effective as it can be.

What we collect

The personal data stored and processed by the University may include:

  • biographic information including your name and title and your contact details;
  • information about your time at the University;
  • your professional activities;
  • details of any volunteering carried out or donations received by the University;
  • your attendance at University events;
  • responses you supply to surveys;
  • your current interests and activities, which may include extracts from any related media stories;
  • relationships to other alumni, donors and friends;
  • donor status and wealth assessment information;
  • information about dietary, health or access requirements if you are attending an event organised by the University, or if you have supplied it and it is otherwise relevant to your relationship with us.

The personal information we hold is used:

  • to keep you up to date with news and progress regarding the University;
  • to promote University events, activities and programmes;
  • to promote benefits and services you are eligible to receive;
  • to further our charitable aims through a range of philanthropic fundraising appeals and programmes, including direct marketing (such as receipt of University publications), telephone and email fundraising and
  • to provide you with any services you have requested.

We may use your details for the purposes of telephone fundraising or market research. Our telephone fundraising campaigns are managed in-house, and we do not use external agencies.  Our callers are current University of Bristol students and are paid for their work, which provides them with valuable work experience whilst raising vital funds for the University.  We respect and honour our alumni’s rights to privacy, and will fully comply with their requests on how they wish to be contacted by the University. We will conduct our telephone fundraising campaign in accordance with the guidance given by the Fundraising Regulator.

Grounds for processing your data

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), DARO will process your data according to the following legal bases.

Public Task

The following tasks are carried out in accordance with the public role and official functions of the University:

  • Provision of data for inclusion in the Graduate Outcomes survey
  • Core alumni functions as related to the Alumni Association and any future body or mechanism replacing this body.


The following activities will be carried out only with your consent. You can give or withdraw your consent by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046, or by changing your preferences online.

  • The sending of electronic marketing to personal email addresses, including email newsletters, event invitations, volunteering opportunities, fundraising emails and other University updates, including those sent on behalf of the Alumni Association or volunteers
  • The inclusion in our fundraising telephone campaign of any telephone number registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • The inclusion of philanthropic donations you have made in any public donor lists that we publish
  • The use or storage of any Special Category data, such as religious beliefs, political affiliations or health information

Legitimate Interest

The following activities have been assessed by the University, and are carried out on the basis of Legitimate Interest. This means that they are considered to be in the legitimate interests of the University, and having balanced these interests with your rights as the Data Subject and the requirements of the GDPR, it is reasonable for these activities to be carried out.

Stopping any of these activities would immediately impact on our relationship with you. Each activity is designed to support your experience, whether this is through invitations to engage in activities, processing or appending data to ensure that mailings and individual conversations are appropriate and likely to be of interest, or enabling us to review ongoing activity and stop programmes or approaches that are not well received.

You can object to any element of this processing of your data by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046, or by changing your preferences online.

  • The use of current student data
  • The receipt and storage of student and alumni data
  • The use of data to contact alumni and supporters, to provide newsletters, event invitations, volunteering opportunities, philanthropic fundraising communications and other University updates, noting that electronic communication and use of TPS registered phone numbers are only to be used with the consent of the recipient, as outlined above
  • The administration of donations, event registrations, volunteering and other activity
  • The appending of data to the database using publicly available information or through use of third party data appending and wealth screening services
  • The profiling, segmenting and analysing of data to review or project the performance of our programmes and to target activity to relevant audiences, ensuring you receive the most appropriate and interesting content for you
  • The production and publishing of class lists, showing the names of all those who graduated from a certain course at a certain time
  • The sharing of photographs, films or videos from University events or activities, or shared with the University by alumni and supporters

Your choices

You will automatically receive all of the information outlined above, but can specify at any point what contact you would like to receive from the University.  Where possible, we will ensure that we only contact you with information that is relevant to you. You can change your marketing and contact preferences at any time by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046, or by changing your preferences online.

How we protect your information

Any personal information we obtain will be held securely on the University’s supporter and alumni relations database, The Raiser’s Edge. This is hosted within the EU and is fully SAS 70 Type II Certified and PCI DSS compliant. We take appropriate steps to ensure that we only record and store information which is relevant, that we keep it securely, that it is accurate and up to date and only kept for an appropriate length of time.

We will be using US based companies, Blackbaud Inc. and MailChimp, to process our email communications. Both companies have signed up to the Privacy Shield, ensuring they meet EU standards in relation to security and data protection.

Graduate Outcomes survey

The University of Bristol is required to partake in the Graduate Outcomes survey. This will be facilitated by an external party. We have a public duty to provide your information for this purpose.

Disclosure of information to third parties outside of our public duty

We will never sell your data to other companies or charities. Where a task does not fall into our public duty, we will only share your data with third parties providing a service for the University.  Personal information will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting on the instructions of the University.  Where this is the case, a written contract will be put in place between the University and the third party to set out the purposes for which the information can be used and the security measures that must be in place.  The service provider will agree never to use your data for any additional purpose not set out in the agreement with the University.  Such companies will include the use of a mailing house to facilitate the mailing of the alumni magazine ‘Nonesuch’ and other bulk communications, or a third party to provide a service such as ‘Bristol Connects’.

Bristol Alumni Online and Bristol Connects

Bristol Alumni Online and Bristol Connects are online services provided free of charge for University of Bristol alumni. All potential users will be verified against our current records during the registration process before being granted full access to the site. The University of Bristol reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who misuses the site in any way.

Accessing your personal information

If you wish to request access to any of your personal information held by DARO, please use the University’s subject access procedure.

If you wish to amend the type of communications you receive or the way in which the University contacts you, please contact us by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046, or by changing your preferences online.

If you have any concerns or queries about this policy, or about how we hold and use your data, please contact us at

Your right to complain

You have the right to object to any of the above use of your data and to raise any concerns or complaints with our data use or this Policy. Complaints, objections and concerns can be raised with DARO by emailing us at, phoning us on +44(0)117 394 1046 or writing to us at:

Development and Alumni Relations Office
University of Bristol
Ground floor G.12
1-9 Old Park Hill

The University of Bristol Data Protection Officer can be contacted by emailing us at, phoning us on 0117 394 1824 or writing to:

Information Governance Manager
University Secretary's Office
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue

Where relevant, complaints can be lodged with the Information Commissioner's Office.

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