WUN research

Fibre opticsResearch is at the heart of what the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) does. WUN supports a diverse range of activities across all the disciplines and particularly encourages projects of an interdisciplinary nature. Information on the wide range of current WUN research collaborations can be found on the WUN website. The WUN helps new research groups get established internationally by providing resources, contacts and advice. By helping to share talent across the different WUN members, we are able to encourage new research growth that will help address the challenges of tomorrow.

If you would like to get involved in a WUN collaboration or if you have a project or idea which might be able to make use of the WUN network, please contact Dr Susan Jim (Susan.Jim@bristol.ac.uk), the Bristol WUN coordinator.

WUN Global Challenges

WUN Global Challenges are collections of high quality WUN collaborative research programmes – each involving a number of WUN and other world-leading academic partners in the programme area – which are expected to contribute significantly – in the short or longer term – to addressing the issues of global significance identified in the Challenges.

Currently WUN is fostering four Global Challenges:


Active Bristol WUN projects:

Project TitleLead PI

Innovating the mathematics curriculum in times of change: towards local and global relevance

 Dr Alf Coles

Smallholder Dairy Cooperatives in Addressing Sustainable Development Goals in ODA Countries

 Professor John Tarlton

Memorials to people who have died and to those missing during migration

 Ms Ann Singleton

Resilient Peace: Exploring resilient peacebuilding actors, cultures and policy transfer in West Africa

 Dr Ana E Juncos Garcia
Migration, Development and Global Transformations  Ms Ann Singleton
Global Farm Platforms for Optimisation of Grazing Livestock Production Systems  Professor Mark Eisler
 Professor Michael Lee

 Previous Bristol WUN projects: