WUN RDF 2021 Expenditure Guidelines

Permitted Uses of RDF Funds

Please note that, should you identify categories of expenditure that would benefit the success of your project and are not listed here, the WUN Secretariat would be happy to respond to your queries.

What expenditures are not funded by the RDF?

RDF funds may not be used to support an applicant’s salary, or to supplant the salary or scholarship of any assistant or student who is already funded from another source. Funds may be used only to pay for assistance from other individuals when critical to the project. The RDF may not be used to cover the costs of equipment depreciation. Funds may not be used to cover general management/overhead fees. Where funds are to be used for air travel, only economy class fares are permissible. In the interest of the environment, while also recognising the value of face-to-face interaction, RDF funds may support no more than one in-person event that requires air travel (for example an international project team meeting or conference). When planning your project, we recommend that you consider potential travel restrictions due to the pandemic that could remain into 2022. WUN encourages the use of deploying virtual alternatives to assemble the project team whenever possible.