Summer Research Scholarship Programme at University of Auckland

This scheme is an exciting opportunity for Bristol students in their penultimate year of study and taught Masters students to spend summer 2018 at the University of Auckland. Students will:

Eligibility criteria (full regulations available here):

Summer Research Scholarships are a great way to gain valuable research experience, work with leading researchers at the University of Auckland, enhance your career opportunities and help you think about pursuing postgraduate study.

Deadline: 12 February 2018

For more details on available projects, and how to apply, see here.

For more information, please contact the IAS/WUN Research Development Officers, Ms Sam Barlow and Dr Robert Crowe (Tel: 0117 331 7757 (ext +17757);

Department Research Project Title
Architecture & Planning

Complexity and collapse in urbanism and architecture


Robots in the House! Understanding where robotic assistance has a place in the home


CCCP: Customizable Composite Computing Parametric Pipelines

Biomedical Science

Development of heptamethine cyanine dye based theranostic compounds for inhibition of brain cancer cell lines


Diabetic retinopathy: clinical and histological assessment of the eye


Glucose lowering response to metformin and sulfonylurea therapy by OCT33 and CREBRF genotypes


Placental extracellular vesicles, a role in the preventing cancers?


Characterising cellular responses to bone injury in the periosteum

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Using image texture analysis for measuring bulk food powder properties

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Immersive virtual reality serious games to implement lean -based planning methods in construction and engineering projects

  Development of a resilient-slip friction device for coupled shear walls in concrete and timber 

Enhancing the degradation of new and emerging contaminants by stimulating bacteria to produce enzymes


Membrane filtration processes for efficient separation of contaminants from industrial effluent


Up-scaling solutions for converting waste plastics into a valuable resource

Clinical Medicine

Hypoglycemia after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery


Nutritional deficiencies and dietary intake after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery


Diseases of the pancreas in the elderly

  Abdominal MRI for Quantitative Measurement of Central Obesity

Understanding the scope of Liaison Psychiatry referrals over an annual timeframe in a general hospital setting


Inter-arts collaboration, decolonising the imaginary

Electrical and Computer Engineering A scalable, high availability, source-independent IoT platform designed using commercial cloud services from Amazon AWS

Interacting with Data: improving accessibility to public data


Development of a Benchmark Wireless Grid Interface for Electric Vehicle


Model based approach for the design of phrenic pacemakers


Tools for automatic detection of software requirements


Democratic Theory and the Legislative Fragmentation of Contract Law

Mathematics What can we learn from students' reflections on their difficulties and misconceptions in math?
  Can undergraduates convert $100 to a foreign currency?

Finding equiangular lines and their (projective) symmetries


Useful redundancies - finite tight frames 

  Predicting lung function from incomplete data: graph dynamical systems under uncertainty

Numerical methods for finding homeostasis in biological models


Evolutionary robotics and heteroclinic networks


The mathematics of buildings on shaky ground

  Higher-dimensional expanders

How turn a pea into the sun by playing ping-pong


K-theory and index theory

  Loop Groups and their applications
  Polynomial convexity

Orthogonal polynomials

Mechanical Engineering

Life cycle analysis of an expander

  Experimental validation of ‘smart’ wearables

Experimental testing of robotics for people with disabilities


Aerodynamic Optimisation of a Free-Fall Aircraft for Skydiver Tracking


Mechanism Development for Drone Perching


Electronics Interface for Flexible Stretch Sensor


Spatial quasi-periodicity as a means to improve dynamic performances of an elastic structure

  Gamification of Robotic Assembly Tasks

N-dimensional presentation model for RFID Big Data from smart factory 


Porting of an OPC UA implementation to the Arduino platform 


Cyber-Physical System based on Augmented Reality


The Culture of Musical Arrangement in Beethoven’s Vienna


Why do people justify inequality?


Creativity and the structure of memory


New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study


Do dogs have human-like jealousy?

Public Health Understanding children's perspectives of neighbourhood destinations

Early life events and long-term health: evidence from Swedish population data


Pedometry for measuring free living activity in public health research


Comparing nutrient data in a national food composition database with information collected from packaged food labels


Multinomial Logit Model Extensions

  Multicountry comparison of costs and financing of routine immunisation
  Effects of EFL on success in introductory statistics