Digital Workspace Programme

Helping our community to connect and collaborate

Information is at the heart of our University’s research and teaching. As our University strategy emphasises, investment in digital infrastructure is as important as investment in our physical estate.

To support the current needs of our students and staff and adapt to their future requirements, we need the best digital tools. Our Digital Workspace Programme will introduce a single set of integrated information management, communications and collaboration tools for everyone at the University via a phased approach. It will include office software, online document storage, email, calendar and a new intranet for the University.

The programme will support a shared understanding of how to use these tools effectively, enabling our students and staff to study and work together, succeed individually and flourish as a community. Effective use of digital tools will also support our development of new partnerships across the region, the country and the world.

More programme information for taught students

More programme information for staff and research postgraduates
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