THS Plenary Research Seminars

Translational Health Sciences runs a programme of research talks each year from a blend of up-and-coming research stars and world-leading established researchers.

  • Seminars are all at lunch-time and held on different days and in a variety of locations to allow as many people as possible to attend.
  • Lunch is provided and also transport where required.*
  • We hope the seminars will be informative and inspirational to all staff and students in Translational Health Sciences, and also to those from other schools and departments. 
  • Members of the public welcome - e-mail for information about venues and access. 

* Translational Health Sciences staff can contact Moth Broyles to arrange transport to the venue
    (Tel: 0117 33 11831 or e-mail:

Upcoming seminars

Past seminars

THS Plenary Seminar: Professor John Arthur

Professor Amit Nathwani: Updates on Haemophilia Gene Therapy

Prof Mark Johnson: 'Preterm birth: a global problem. Clinical and laboratory approaches'

Prof Ralph Müller: Skeletal systems mechanobiology and personalized medicine

Prof Anthony Chalmers: 'Combining DNA damage response inhibitors with radiotherapy and temozolomide to improve outcomes for glioblastoma patients'

Prof Julian Hughes: 'What are the problems to do with swallowing for people with dementia and are there solutions?' 

Prof. Jerry Turnbull - Heparan sulfates: dynamic master regulators in the glycocalyx

Professor Georgi Abraham: The Burden of Kidney Disease in India and South Asia

Dr Gaetano Burriesci: Development of a Novel Transcatheter Heart Valve

Dr Dick de Zeeuw: 'The role of albuminuria in renal and CV disease progression' and Dr Hiddo Heerspink: 'Individual variability in renal protective therapy response'

Dr Kate Ward : Nutrition and Musculoskeletal Health: Insights from Rural Gambia

Dr Christos Xinaris: Engineering functional kidney tissue from single cell suspensions

Dr Charles Mills “M1/Inhibit and M2/Heal Macrophages: The Chicken and the Egg of Immunity” 

Dr Waney Squier : Hypoxic-Ischaemic Injury in the Developing Brain - is all as it seems? 

Dr Ivo Kalajzic : Mesenchymal stem cells - identification, and understanding the mechanisms of repair 

Dr Andrew Murray : The Placenta, Hypoxia and the Mitochondria 

Professor Ann Millar : VEGF and the lung: the story so far! 

Prof. Howard Evans: How cells communicate - the discovery and roles of connexin channels 

Prof. Paul McLoughlin: Lung-selective responses to hypoxia reveal novel targets in chronic pulmonary diseases 

Prof Vincenzo Crunelli: Mechanisms of corticothalamic rhythms in health and disease 

Professor Ian Eperon: RNA splicing: a vast new land to explore for therapies, but do we know what to look for? 

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