About us

The Henry Wellcome Laboratories for Integrative Neuroscience and Endocrinology (LINE) and the MRC Centre for Synaptic Plasticity are based in the Dorothy Hodgkin Building. This is named after Dorothy Hodgkin, the University of Bristol's Nobel Prize-winning fifth Chancellor and was opened in September 2004 by Lord David Sainsbury. It was funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the University itself.

Our research groups have major collaborations within the United Kingdom, across Europe, within the United States and in South Korea. There are also close industrial links with several companies but most notably with Eli Lilly, the one multinational company that still has a major neuroscience presence in the United Kingdom.

We work in many areas of basic and translational neuroscience with an aim to develop an understanding and treatment of major neurological diseases including Alzheimer's disease, stress related psychiatric disease such as depression and neuroendocrine disease.

Spiral staircase in Dorothy Hodgkin Building
Spiral staircase in Dorothy Hodgkin Building
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