Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals

We provide high-quality training to improve teaching and learning for health professionals engaged in education.

Flexible programme: one year or up to three years to complete the certificate.

Face-to-face, small-group, interactive workshops plus online support.

THREE INTAKES every year in September, January and April.

Inter-professional and multi-specialty groups engender broader discussions.

TLHP programme

Have you ever thought about teaching but feel you don't have the right skills? Our renowned TLHP programme, one of the largest in the UK, is a modular course in teaching and learning. There are three intakes each year: September; January and April.

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Following Simon Atkinson’s decision to step down as TLHP director we are happy to announce the appointment of Annie Noble and Ellayne Fowler as TLHP co-directors.  Ellayne will focus on the delivery of the TLHP programme and supporting educational research.  Annie will focus on innovation and staff development programmes.  Simon is still teaching as part of the TLHP team.



I think that my teaching practice has improved immensely over the time I have been studying on the TLHP course. I use the skills I have gained on a daily basis and I am keen to continue this development after finishing.

Specialist Registrar in Surgery, Devon.