A new campus for Bristol

Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus offers an opportunity to reimagine the future of our University as one of the world's great civic universities.

It will not only provide economic growth and job creation for the region, but will allow us to develop a new relationship with the city, new educational and research opportunities, and secure the University's future for generations to come.

Innovation will be at the heart of our new campus. From driverless cars and highly secure systems, to the future of work, our graduates will tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Work on the campus will benefit Bristol and will be shared with cities around the world.

Located in the heart of the city in one of Europe’s biggest regeneration programmes, the campus will help transform a neglected area into a vibrant new quarter of the city.

Independent, inventive and enterprising, the city and university together offer the combination of skills and attributes that make Bristol a vital centre for transformative innovation.

Our commitments

  1. We will build a campus that's at the forefront of digital and business research, education, skills and innovation.
  2. Our building designs will be forward-thinking with inspiring spaces for teaching, learning, research, living, working and relaxing.
  3. We will put economic, social and environmental sustainability at the heart of our campus.
  4. Our campus will be a centre of interdisciplinary creativity for staff, students and new collaborators.
  5. We will work with local communities, employers, and public services to create a campus that's embedded in the life of the city.
  6. We will create new public walking, cycling and bus routes, and encourage staff and students to leave their cars at home.

Connecting with business, the city and our communities

We are working with businesses, government, local organisations and communities to develop our plans.

Businesses will be co-located with us on the campus. They will partner with us on cutting-edge research projects and have access to expertise, learning, equipment and talent. Our students will take on real-world challenges connecting with businesses and enterprises and working across disciplines.

Business and enterprise

The campus offers an opportunity to connect with our communities in new ways, offering new public spaces, facilities and educational opportunities. Social enterprises and community organisations will also work with us to tackle issues that matter to our local communities.


Location and plans

The campus will be located close to Bristol Temple Meads station in the heart of Bristol's business district.

Our plans are not set in stone and we are working with staff, students and our community and business partners to develop the campus.

We have submitted an illustrative masterplan to Bristol City Council and are now working with a design team on the next stage of design development.

Find out more about our plans, events and consultations


Spring 2018

  • Design team appointed.

Summer 2018

  • Ongoing site preparation works

Spring 2019

  • Consultation on the next stage of design.


  • Submission of the detailed planning application and start on site.


  • Campus opens.

Create opportunities

The jobs and expenditure associated with the new University of Bristol campus are estimated to generate over £400m for the West of England economy over 25 years.

Your questions

Further information is available on the planning, construction, development, impact, traffic and parking.

Detailed information

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