Research groups

The research groups that make up the Centre for Synaptic Plasticity come from a number of different departments and are independent, each with their own research interests. These range from the investigation of the trafficking and sorting of the various receptor proteins and their interactors that are necessary for synaptic functioning to the involvement of plastic processes in learning and memory as well as in disease. Expertise in generating the tools and reagents necessary for such research is a vital part of the work of The MRC Centre and is often the result of research in other areas of neuroscience and beyond.  The broad research interests of each group are indicated here. For simplicity, they have been grouped together to indicate their main focus of research that is relevant to the MRC Centre. Many groups carry out research across the bounadries indicated here and also collaborate closely with each other.

Underlying Technology (Medicinal Chemistry, Functional Genomics, Transgenesis and Viral Expression)

David JaneProf. David Jane
Design of novel receptor ligands
Nina BalthasarDr Nina Balthasar
Functional genomics, genetically modified mouse models
David WynickProf. David Wynick
Galanin, transgenic technology
James UneyProf. James Uney
Viral technology, neurodegeneration

Receptor Assembly, Trafficking and Protein-Protein Interactions

Jeremy HenleyProf. Jeremy Henley
Localisation, targetting and regulation synaptic receptors
Elek MolnarProf. Elek Molnar
Receptor function and localisation in both neuronal and non-neuronal cells
Jon HanleyDr Jonathan Hanley
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity
George BantingProf. George Banting
Protein sorting and trafficking
Pete Cullen Prof. Pete Cullen
Small GTPases and Receptor Trafficking

Cellular Plasticity

Neil MarrionProf. Neil Marrion
Voltage gated ion channels
Graham CollingridgeProf. Graham Collingridge
Plasticity in the hippocampus
Kei ChoProf. Kei Cho
Stem cells, stress and plasticity
Jack MellorDr Jack Mellor
Plasticity in the hippocampus and cortex

Learning and memory mechanisms

Richard AppsProf. Richard Apps
Plasticity in the cerebellum
Malcolm BrownProf. Malcolm Brown
Neural correlates of recognition memory
Clea WarburtonDr Clea Warburton
Neural and cellular substrates of learning and memory
Zafar BashirProf. Zafar Bashir
Plasticity in the perirhinal cortex and hippocampus
Matt JonesDr Matt Jones
Network activity during learning and memory

Synaptic plasticity and disease

Andrew RandallProf. Andrew Randall
Plasticity in Alzheimer's disease
Zuner BortolottoDr Zuner Bortolotto
Synaptic plasticity and epilepsy
David LodgeProf. David Lodge
Glutamate receptor pharmacology and epilespy
Stafford LightmanProf. Stafford Lightman
Function of the HPA axis in health and disease