Visual identity

This section explains how to apply the University's visual identity correctly and consistently. Read more about the purpose of our identity (PDF, 1,090kB).


Identity guidelines

University of Bristol visual identity guidelines (PDF, 3,248kB)

If you produce any print-based publicity material on behalf of the University, please consult the following sections of the visual identity guidelines:

For web guidance, see our web style guide.


All corporate stationery items, including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, document folders, place cards and envelopes must be ordered through Print Services.

Print Services will mock up compliment slips and business cards following the Design options in the identity guidelines (PDF, 1,035kB). If an approved logo, that is not an official University of Bristol logo, is required on these items Print Service will place them in the approved sections according to which category the logo falls into. Further information on these categories can be found on our non-University logos page.

Printed letterheads, showing only the University of Bristol logo, are provided by Print Services. Addresses, contact details and approved logos can then be placed on the document at the time of print. Guidance on where to place other logos on letterheads (PDF, 172kB) is available.

Templates for publicity

Templates are available for staff who want to create their own materials to promote events.


University image library

The Public Relations Office maintains an archive of images that may be reproduced in University print publications and on University websites. If you would like to browse and download images from the archive, please email

Commissioning images

While the image archive is fairly extensive, it is not comprehensive. Departments/schools wishing to commission imagery for specific projects should consult the Imagery (PDF, 962kB) section of the visual identity guidelines before briefing photographers and illustrators.

Photographers should assign copyright to the University of Bristol. The University reserves the right to use images for marketing and editorial purposes in all media worldwide, without restriction and in any format. Photographers will be credited where possible/appropriate.

Departments/schools are requested to share any images from their shoots with colleagues via the image library in the Public Relations Office. Images suitable for sharing should be clearly labelled with the date of the shoot, the subject matter, and the photographer’s name and contact details. It is usual for illustrators to maintain copyright of their work. Please abide by any copyright restrictions on original illustrations.

Filming and photography consent

Reproducing images

The University owns the copyright for all images in its archive, although individual photographers should be credited where possible. If you are unsure of the provenance of any image acquired through the University, please check with the Public Relations office before reproducing it. If you acquire images from any other source, you must seek permission from the photographer/illustrator before reproducing them, and copyright should be acknowledged.


The Public Relations Office manages the University's map portolio which includes print and web map versions of the campus, student residences and various travel maps.

The University maps are updated twice annually at Easter and before the start of the academic year. If you change your departmental address or know of any other relevant changes, please email at any time during the year.

Campus map

The campus map is available as a Google map and as a PDF for print. You can link directly to a location on the University’s Google map.


The Signage guidelines (PDF, 1,022kB) provide detailed information on the design, production and installation of signage around the University.

Signs should be ordered through Grounds Services. Contact Alan Stealey,, +44 (0)117 331 4910.

Digital signage

Digital display screens are located around campus in areas where staff, students and visitors will find useful information, announcements and news appropriate to the location of the screen.

For more information and advice on using digital signage visit the IT Services digital signage page.


Our University of Bristol profile provides a brief overview of the University and contains some key facts about the institution. The profile serves as a useful introduction to the University, and may be used, for example, to preface a presentation or to accompany other University literature intended for a general audience.

The University coat of arms

The University’s traditional coat of arms may be used instead of the logo in certain circumstances. Details on how and when to use the crest (PDF, 921kB) are available. To obtain the coat of arms, please email, stating how you intend to use it.

Email signatures

For a consistent and clear external presentation of our identity, we recommend that staff use a standardised email signature.

Full details of the recommended format, along with instructions on how to customise email signature settings in Outlook, are available.

Graphic design

If you are considering using an external graphic designer, please contact the Communications team in the Public Relations Office.

You must use one of the University's contracted graphic designers.

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