Possible changes to teaching in 2021/22

The government operates with five COVID-19 alert levels for assessing risk. If current risk levels rise, the government may choose to restrict our delivery of teaching.

We always follow government guidance and instructions, and we will share any changes with you if we receive them.

The sort of measures the government may introduce include:

  1. Delaying the start of in-person teaching and asking teaching to begin online only
  2. Introducing social distancing in teaching spaces
  3. Requiring some or most courses to be taught entirely online for part or all of the term or year

What happens if the government delays the start of in-person teaching

Last year the government asked universities to stagger the arrival to campus for some students. They may choose to do this again.

Our most likely response to a government requirement to delay the start of in-person teaching would be to move to teach online to begin our term.

It is likely our facilities would have access restricted to essential only use during this time.

How we would introduce social distancing if required

Social distancing ended on 19 July 2021. We are timetabling our teaching spaces with no social distancing built in to ensure we maximise the amount of in-person teaching students receive.

If the government requires social distancing to be introduced before or during the next academic year, we will move some teaching activities online and limit the number of students able to use teaching spaces to ensure social distancing rules are followed.

For most students, there would be a reduction in the number of in-person sessions delivered, but these would be replaced with online equivalents.

Facilities such as sports and library spaces would also see a reduction in capacity, and we would introduce booking systems to ensure fair access to these facilities.

How we would move to teach online

If the government requires us to move to teach online, we will do so following guidance as to what can be continued in person.

This year we have followed government guidance and prioritised practical and professional courses for in-person delivery to ensure these courses can be completed. We would anticipate a similar response if required in the 2021/22 academic year.

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