Living in the community

We all have responsibilities to behave and follow the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures to keep everyone – fellow students, staff and the wider Bristol community – safe and well.


To keep you safe we have made changes to how our residences operate. Find out more about households and life in residences.

When someone isn't following the rules

If you see someone not following the guidance, we expect you, where it is possible and safe, to raise this with them in an informative and respectful manner.

This advice is for use in communal, public areas:

  • Consider needs – not all needs are visible and people may be exempt for specific reasons. The person may also have simply forgotten a face covering or have misunderstood advice. Do not assume that they are deliberately breaking the rules.
  • Clarify or inform – adopt a non-confrontational approach that is considerate of needs. Ask politely if they are not aware of the need to wear masks or to keep socially distant.
  • Offer resources – adopt an approach that treats the issue as one of resources rather than non-compliance. Offer to help direct people to hand sanitiser or a supply of face coverings if you can.
  • Remain passive – adopt the silent approach by pausing or stepping to one side if someone isn't keeping to two metres distance. Gesture to your face covering if someone isn't wearing one.
  • Avoid confrontation – try to ensure you soften your approach through use of non-confrontational language. For example: "Sorry, I know it’s difficult to keep track of the rules", or "I'm sure you didn’t mean to".
  • Enlist support – it is likely that, in a shared area, you could catch someone else's eye and see if they have also noticed the situation. They may also be feeling uncomfortable and might step in and help you.
  • Support others – if someone else is intervening, back them up (without ganging up).

If these strategies do not work and someone is refusing to comply ask them politely to leave the area or room. If they refuse, you should leave the area/room.

Do not stay in a space with someone who is making you feel unsafe.

Further support

Talk to your friends, or you could also ask for advice from your tutor, the Students' Union, or Student Services, depending on the nature of the situation.

We encourage you to challenge inappropriate behaviour directly. However, if this doesn't work, you can report your concerns about another student using the University's Report and Support tool.

Contact Security services when it is not an emergency. In an emergency, contact 999 first and then contact Security.

In the University community

Stay safe

Be respectful

  • Consider the feelings and safety of people who may:
    • not be able to wear a face covering
    • feel vulnerable because they or their family members have underlying health conditions
    • come from different parts of the world and need to get used to UK guidance
  • Help other people to understand and follow the rules:

In the local community

Living away from home brings responsibilities. It's important to remember you are part of a community.

Stay safe

Be respectful

Many of you live in mixed communities. You may live in a community where children are going back to school, elderly people live or people are working from home.

Get involved with your community

Get involved with your community and make a positive impact in the new COVID-19 world. Take part in one of our volunteering opportunities and make the most of your time at university.


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