Claim for travel tests and quarantine

The University will help with the costs of COVID-19 testing and quarantine. Find out if you are eligible for support.

Check you can travel

Read the government advice for travelling to England and abroad during COVID-19 and to find out about testing and quarantine requirements. 

Eligibility for support - international students, study and work abroad placements

Students can claim retrospectively for the cost of their arrival tests and quarantine hotel by 10 June 2022. 

Support for testing and quarantine will change or end if UK government requirements for testing on arrival in the UK change or end.

What is not covered by the University

  • Tests you need to take in your home country before travelling to the UK.
  • Tests for trips home during the academic year.
  • Tests for more than your first arrival in UK in the 2021/22 academic year.

If you find yourself in hardship as a result of being required to take tests that the University does not cover, emergency and hardship funds are available.

Financial support available

Financial support depending on country you are travelling from
CategoryFinancial support available
Fully vaccinated  Cost of the test package you need to book to enter UK, when you book it through the University.
Not fully vaccinated  Cost of the test package you need to book to enter UK, including cost of 'Test to Release' test, when you book it through the University.
Red list countries Cost of your quarantine hotel stay and COVID tests taken in quarantine (currently £2,285)

Use a university test provider

You must use one of the university test providers. You cannot pay for tests yourself and claim back the cost unless you have a problem with the booking system.

How to claim hotel quarantine expenses

Complete the COVID-19 expense claim form by 10 June 2022. You will need proof of travel (for example flight and/or hotel receipt).

International students who could not use a university test supplier

  1. If you were unable to use a university test supplier, book and pay for the tests using a private provider.
  2. Keep your test payment receipts.
  3. Complete our COVID-19 test expenses claim form by 10 June 2022 and detail why you couldn't use a university supplier. 
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