Academic support

To help you get the most out of your teaching, we have a range of academic support available.

Digitally Ready course

This course is designed to help you get 'digitally ready' for your studies.

Whether you are digitally confident and ready to go or don't know where to start, the course is designed for everyone.

The more you take part in now, the easier things will feel by the time you get into your studies.

The course covers:

  • how to get practical experience of using Blackboard tools
  • how to get involved with your student community online
  • gives you an opportunity to explore your virtual classroom
  • introduces you to some online study skills and the library
  • provides guidance on when and where to get more help if you need it.

The course is open for the whole academic year, so you can go back to it whenever you need to.

Take the Digitally Ready course

Or, check under 'My Organisations' from your Blackboard homepage to join the course.

Libraries and study spaces

Find out more about and follow the library's Twitter channel.

Study skills

We provide online tutorials, workshops and drop-ins in addition to our free online self-study resources. We are updating these online study skills resources to meet your needs.

These are available on the Study Skills Blackboard tab and cover a range of topics such as:

Additionally, to help address the challenges presented by studying away from the university, we have developed a 'Study from home' resource. You can also join an online study lounge.

If you are starting with us, look at our Upgrade to University module,  which will help you prepare for university study before you arrive.

Our resources are available to all, but if you have you experience any difficulty accessing them, follow our Access for non-University members guidance

Blackboard student practice space

If you are a already a student here and have access to Blackboard, you can make use of our student practice space. Use this space to have a look around Blackboard, try out a few things and get familiar with the tools.

  • Join in with a discussion and see how the discussion forum tool works
  • See what it's like to be in a Collaborate virtual classroom
  • Have a go at writing a blog post
  • Try a quick quiz, and have a go submitting answers to a test
  • See what a 'journal' looks like in Blackboard, and try out writing a post

It's important you are comfortable to take part in your course spaces in Blackboard. As well as a place to find information and submit assessments, course spaces are also a way to connect with your peers and your lecturers. These spaces give you a chance to interact, share, collaborate with your peers and learn together.

New students will have access to this space as soon as they register with us.


We have guides to support you when you are getting started with online learning, or need to use a learning tool for the first time.

Your course lead will share these with you when you need them. Your course lead will also guide you through the assessment process when it comes.

Digital champions

We are working with our Students' Union to create a team of student digital champions to support and guide you with blended learning.

Personal tutor

Your academic personal tutor will help you make the most of your studies and will support your academic and personal development while you are here. Find out how your personal tutor can support you.

IT support and guidance

Tools and support available to help you get the most out of your studies.

Study support

Find out more about study support available.

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