New undergraduate checklist

When you arrive

International students

If you are an international student there are additional things you need to do before you arrive.

Mature and part-time students

Find out about support available to our mature and part-time students. 


Register online

  • You will be able to register online between 5 and 15 September.

Upload a photo

  • Upload a photo for your University Card (UCard) as soon as you can.

Get organised 

  • Plan how to get around
  • Read the information sent from your school/department and complete any additional instructions
  • If you have a disability or additional needs contact Disability Services to access their full range of support
  • Find out what academic support is available to you when you arrive
  • Find out which IT services are available to support your studies and start using them

Tuition fees



Bristol life

Get more out of your time here: 

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