Current reading list

Structuralism and the philosophy of maths

As usual, the structuralism seminar will be meeting on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm. All interested students are very welcome to attend.

Wednesday  18 January

Dedekind's weber (PDF, 9,705kB)

Dedekind's kerfstein (PDF, 1,136kB)

Erich Reck, 'Dedekind's Structuralism', Synthese 137: 369–419 (2003)

Wednesday 25 January

Geoffrey Hellman Structuralism;

Fraser MacBride 'Structuralism Reconsidered' both in Stewart Shapiro (ed.) Oxford Handbook of Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics.

Wednesday 1 February

Introductory talk by Leon Horsten

Wednesday 8 February

Michael Resnik (1996) 'Structural relativity' Philosophia Mathematica 4(2)

Wednesday 15 February

Ken Akiba (2000) 'Indefiniteness of mathematical objects' Philosophia Mathematica 8(1):26-46

Wednesday 22 February

David Armstrong (1986) 'In defense of structural universals' Australasian Journal of Philosophy 64(1):85-88

David Lewis (1986) 'Against structural universals' Australasian Journal of Philosophy 64(1):94-96

Wednesday 29 February

Michael Hand (1983) 'Mathematical structuralism and the third man' Canadian Journal of Philosophy 21(1):81-89

Wednesday 7 March

Fraser MacBride (2008) 'Can ante rem structuralism solve the access problem?' Philosophical Quarterly 58(230):155-164

Wednesday  14 March

Bob Hale (1996) 'Structuralism's unpaid epistemological debts' Philosophia Mathematica 4(2):124-47

Wednesday  21 March

Jessica Carter (2008) 'Structuralism as a philosophy of mathematical practice' Synthese 164(2):119-131

Wednesday  25 April (tbc)

George Weaver (1998) 'Structuralism and representation theorems' Philosophia Mathematica 6(3)

Wednesday  2 May (tbc)

Simon Friedrich (forthcoming) 'Structuralism and meta-mathematics' Erkenntnis